Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tchaikovsky Competition Finals

In the final round of Tchaikovsky Competition the six violinists were required to perform his beloved concerto with one other of their choosing. This is my simple ranking of these admirable worthy young musicians.

   Haik Kazazyan has the highest musical ideals, if he cannot yet quite completely realize them. The audience's favorite, he was mine as well. (Sibelius)

   Yu-Chien Tsang performed honorably if there were no revelations. He owns a beautiful sound, and undoubtedly plays a magnificent violin. He does not play well with others. (Sibelius)

   Bomsori Kim played safe. She is accomplished enough to afford risks. (Brahms)

   Alexandra Conunova is most interesting, if not ready. She is one I look forward to hear again. (Sibelius)

   Clara-Jumi Kang gave a delightful and racy Tchaikovsky 3rd movement; it was really fun! Maybe, though, do not choose to compete with the Beethoven again.

   Pavel Milyukov's night was not this one. There is time. It will come. (Shostakovitch 1)


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