Thursday, July 3, 2014

"I Am Viagra to Classical, Aspirin to Pop"

Amadeus Leopold is the re-invention of the performer formerly known as Hahn Bin, a well-trained classical violinist. Taking his cues from contemporary popular culture, we can only admire his courage to embody FABULOUSNESS, to exist at the forbidden cruxes of the man/boy, the male/female, the sadist/masochist, the sacred and profane. He tells us of his “marriage and commitment to a new era of music - one where there is no boundary between what is classical and what is pop.”

Personifying Everyman’s desire to be an unbridled sensation, he embodies aspects of the human condition; from the ancient Greeks’ Dionysus and his maenads and the movie stars of yesteryear through the Romantic virtuosos and rock icons of today. With a downtown club kid aesthetic, backed by avant-garde fashionistas, Mr. Leopold is truly carving his place at the forefront. “We are very near the golden era of music, one that is reminiscent of the days when Liszt and Kreisler, Rachmaninoff and Mozart himself (sic) were the rock stars of their day. My role in the world is to embody the renaissance of classical music itself; I wanted to make that message clear to the world.” His mission is as worthy as Bono’s, his screed as radiant as the Pope’s. If anyone, it is this figure that could reclaim the world’s attention to our profound art, presented with such fascinating provocation.

Okay, people. I am waiting. For a nice, big, fat, juicy cheek. I mean check.