Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dear Friends

Hello All You Beautiful People!

For once, this is neither a rant nor review, but instead, gratitude for the appreciation and acknowledgement you have given us over the past few months of our nascent weblog.

We are now at over ten thousand page views, a milestone for this fledgling endeavor.  A delight it has been to see just how many of you have interacted, commented on, and supported our efforts.

Your encouragement has provided us with the impetus to continue to speak fearlessly.  Strange it is that many of you agree that much music criticism is corrupt.  We (and a few others), bound only by a sense of decorum, have decided to keep it straight and unburdened by lucre.

Equal to our love of music is our love of poetry, and it unnerves us that independent articulate thought in music education are forever discouraged. It is a privilege to recognize intelligent committed artists that illuminate the human condition. However, it will never stop being distressing not to enjoy my colleagues’ incomprehensible or lassitudinous efforts.

We have decided to keep CrackCritic alive and well, and, even expand. We are now on Twitter, with, so far, nine followers. Do feel free to follow us! You will be noticed. https://twitter.com/CrackCritic. For those wishing to recommend a concert in New York City, please contact me on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/eduard.laurel.

It is a policy of CrackCritic’s to never accept comps or press album copies. Instead we purchase our tickets and CDs. This tends to exacerbate the pain of hearing a poor performance, but makes listening to a great one all the more rewarding.

With all my thanks to friends old and new,


For those who are curious: our Royal We derives from two sources: an ill-tempered tapeworm, and being incontrovertibly descended from the Aztec godking Mictlantecuhtli.

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  1. This is quite unique and wonderful, Eduard! I hereby pledge to send you examples of my POETRY, so that you'll know we have even more in common.