Thursday, January 2, 2014

Letter from the Editor

Dear Fans and Friends of,

As you might have noticed, CrackCritic has been on a temporary hiatus - this has mostly been thanks to an assault some weeks ago. 

Eduard Laurel was greeted at an East Side diner with a homophobic slur by a table of 'bridge and tunnel' people. He left shortly thereafter and was knocked to the ground by one of them who was outside. There followed a hospital visit, police reports, and trauma both physical and mental, but I am pleased to inform you that he is on the mend, and you can look forward to new reviews of music both live and recorded very soon now. 

CrackCritic would like to wish you all a fortunate and safe 2014.

~ Editor


  1. This really pushes my buttons. I hope that you recover well.

  2. Terrible! Hope you're feeling better.. Looking forward to your return to duty!

  3. I'm glad to know, also, that the restaurant later evicted that party. And that you're still surrounded by loving friends!

  4. Awful! In New York City no less! We miss you!!!